Nature Group Dog Walks


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 Private Walks

A private 30 minute walk or 45-50 minute walk around the neighborhood to let your dog stretch his legs, take care of business, and get a good amount of exercise.

-$30/ 30 minute walk

-$45/ 45 minute walk

Group Walks

Is your dog bored of private neighborhood walks? Need more socialization? Try out our group walks and come home to a happy tuckered out dog!

How do pack walks work?:

  • 60-minute on-leash group walks with 3 to 6 friendly dog's per group.

  • With pick up and drop off included, dogs are out of the house 1.5-3 hours per day.

  • Dogs improve social skills, gain confidence and get a good amount of exercise while exploring new trails and parks on-leash.

  • Enjoy same-day picture and video updates of your dog's daily adventures!

  • Well trained, professional and loyal team you will love! Insured, bonded and licensed. Meet the Team!

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Group Walk Videos

Easter Egg Hunt Video

Fit Dog Theory is a dog walking company that specializes in group walks in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, and Pleasant Hill. We have been servicing the area for 5 years. We maintain open communication and follow up with our clients daily, so they are aware of their dog's progress and can rest assured knowing their pets are in excellent hands. Each week of service clients receive fantastic photos and videos of their pet(s) enjoying companionship and interaction, while getting a good amount of exercise. 


Group walk members enjoy 60-minute on-leash nature walks where they can sniff, explore, and boost their confidence and social skills. Each dog is out of the house from 1.5 to 4 hours with pick up and drop off included. Each group walk is tailored to the group's needs.


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Fit Dog Theory is licensed, bonded, insured, and CPR and First Aid Certified.