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Private Walks

Private Walk Visits

30 - 35 Minute Walk  

55 - 60 Minute Walk 

A solo 30-35 minute walk around the neighborhood to let your pooch stretch his legs, take care of business, check out new scents & get some belly rubs.



This solo 55-60 minute stroll will help your dog fulfill her natural need to roam and to explore her surroundings.  She will have time to check out fire hydrants, bark at a few squirrels, get some TLC and will come home fit as a fiddle! 


We do not offer boarding.

$10 Per Visit Added to Holidays:

  • Memorial Day             

  • Labor Day

  • Veterans Day

  • Presidents Day weekends

  • 4th of July week

  • Thanks Giving week

  • Christmas week

  • New Year’s week

 Special Services and Fees:

  • $15/ injection (special needs)

  • $30 for food pick up + reimbursement of pet food cost

  • $20 for a trip to pick up or drop off the key (having a lock box or keeping your key on file with your pet sitter is recommended).

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