Group Walks 

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Provide your dog with a QUALITY LIFE.

 Not just a potty break.

What are Group Walks and How do They Work?:

  • Our group walks are 60 minute on-leash walks with 3-6 friendly dogs per group. Excellent for dogs that need or crave more socialization. The 60 minute outing also includes time for potty breaks, personal attention from the professional dog walker and belly rubs.

  • Dogs are out of the house 1.5-3 hours each day with pick up and drop off included.

  • Dogs improve social skills, gain confidence and get a good amount of exercise while exploring new trails and parks on-leash.

  • Pet owners receive same-day picture and video updates of your dog's daily adventures for your enjoyment and for FULL transparency.

  • Well trained, professional, loyal team of three dog lovers you will love! We are insured and bonded. Meet the Team!

  • DOGGIE RULES: All dogs must be friendly, fixed, and must have good car manners. Puppy's must have completed formal puppy training or must be enrolled.

Easter Egg Hunt - Group Walks Fun!