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What our Clients Say...

Pack Walks & Pet Sitting Review

Client: Amanda B.

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companions (3) : Zsa Zsa, Gi Gi, Mita

Highly recommend Gabby to take care of your little fur babies! Her pack walks have changed my dogs, literally. I have 2 very shy little dogs that I was worried would freak out in a pack of other dogs. Not only did they not freak out, but are thriving thanks to Gabby and her pack walks. They don't bark at other dogs anymore and the timidness is out the window! Give her a try, send your dog on a walk and you will not be disappointed.

Pack Walks & Pet Sitting Review

Client: Mike S.

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companion: Birdie

I have been using Fit Dog Theory for almost 3 years, and the positive transformation that I have seen in my dog has been remarkable!!

I adopted my French Bulldog 'Birdie' when she was two years old, and when I first brought her home she was extremely timid and fearful. At her previous home she must have been neglected, and likely never got any real exercise... (she was way overweight initially, but is now lean and strong)

When Gabby first started walking Birdie, Birdie was still extremely shy around other people or other dogs... so shy in fact, she would literally try to hide behind me.

The daily pack walks have done wonders for Birdie.

After a few weeks of walks, this playful side came out of her, and she has continued to slowly transform into an incredibly happy and confident dog.

I love getting the pics from Gabby everyday while I am at work, seeing Birdie off on a hike or playing fetch at the dog park definitely makes me feel less guilty about working late.

The best part, is coming home after a long day of working in the city, and having a happy 'fit' dog to come home to!!

Pack Walks & Pet Sitting Review

Client: Joel M.,

Concord, CA

Name of companion: Bessie

Gabby is truly a Dog Whisperer!   My hairdresser gave me the highest recommendation for Fit Dog Theory, so I checked it out.  Gabby takes my chihuahua on her pack walks three times a week;  this rescue dog's aggression is significantly reduced and, with Gabby's good modeling, I am learning how to make my stubborn dog do what I want her to do!

Gabby takes the pack for a walk or run, with some play at the dog park-- they all love her and she appears to have the pack in control the whole time!  She sends photos and videos each time she takes them out.   My dog hasn't managed to lose any pounds yet, but I know she is getting great exercise and socialization while I am at work.  I highly recommend them for regular walking or periodic pet sitting.

Pack Walks & Pet Sitting Review

Client: Diane H.

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companion: Buddy

Gabby has been a true partner in taking care of my pug.  I hired her to provide him with exercise and fresh air each day and we have gotten so much more than that. She is highly dependable, knowledgeable, friendly and committed. My dog is happy to spend time with her and he has lost 3.5 pounds since she began working with us - an added bonus! I have also used Gabby's services for dog sitting when I travel and she has gone above and beyond in this area as well. I highly recommend Gabby to anyone looking for quality pet care.

Pack Walks Review

Client: Becky B.

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companion: Marty


Perfectly amazing. My 18 month old terrier/poodle was bored and vocal about it when I moved into my condo.... Gabby came to the rescue. She keeps my puppy worn out and gives him lots of opportunities to socialize with other dogs. She brushes him after his adventures and even gave him a quick bath when he got particularly dirty on one adventure. I get my money's worth and far more with Gabby. She is a true partner with her clients.

Pet Sitting Review

Client: Aref J.

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companion: Kaiser


Right away Kaiser felt comfortable around Gabrielle, as he hardly barked when she first came in to meet him. I could tell that he sensed a good energy and liked her quite a bit. Gabrielle is prompt, professional and responsive. The experience exceeded our expectations, as we received regular updates about how Kaiser was doing. Our family also enjoyed videos of our dog, including playing a game Gabrielle taught him, where he looked for hidden dry food and treats around the house.

Pack Walk Review

Client: Nicole Slade

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companion: Dexter


Gabby has been walking my Miniature Schnauzer Dexter for almost a year now. She is absolutely amazing!!! Dexter always comes home from his walks happy and tired out. Even though Dexter is almost six, he has always pulled on his leash. Gabby has worked with us to reduces his pulling significantly. He's walking much better on his walks with us and with other dogs. She has also given us helpful tips for toys to keep Dexter occupied while we are away so he doesn't get bored. She knowledgeable about behavior and is passionate about her work. Before Gabby, we had a dog walker that I worried wasn't actually taking Dexter out because he was so wound up. I never worry about his with Gabby!

Pack Walks Review   

Client: Nikki R.

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companion: Bella

I would like to state that I have had many dog walkers over the years for my precious pug Bella, and Gabrielle is by far the most reliable, professional, and responsible dog walker I have had yet. My Bella absolutely adores her, she is very aware of who Gabrielle is and gets very excited when she sees her come to the house to pick her up for her walk. 


Gabrielle is very mindful of what areas are best for my dog and her abilities. Since Gabrielle has been walking Bella she has lost weight, her energy has been better, and she is a happier dog all around. I can tell that Gabrielle is attentive and cares very much about my animal, and that makes me feel very confident about leaving Bella with her. I would HIGHLY recommend Gabrielle to anyone that would like to have their pet in excellent hands. I look forward to having her walk my Bella for years to come!

Pet Sitting Review

Client: Alexandra F. and Daniel B.,

Walnut Creek, CA

Name of companion: Coney

Gabrielle’s pet sitting service experience exceeded our expectations. We knew that Coney was in good hands and would be taken out all the times we requested. We loved that we received picture texts of Coney walking, playing and enjoying himself, even though we were not there. Coney loved Gabrielle and was comfortable with her and not afraid to go out on a walk. We would recommend Gabrielle to everyone! She is prompt and always had our dogs interest in mind.

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